Please make note of the changes at the bottom of the page. If you need some help with strategy consult this post.

The event announcement has been out on iRacing for a few days and there has been some good feedback. Namely citing how crazy we are, but that is what Oppo does. Are you looking for a challenging race in a fun car with 59 other virtual racers, well the Team Oppo iRacing Miata Challenge may be the contest for you. We are trying to fill the pit stalls of Lime Rock Park 2 times over. This event is designed to challenge both your driving abilities and your strategery skills. The setup is fixed so no worries about tweaking, the fuel is restricted so you will have to plan out your stints just like in endurance road racing. It should be great fun and I look forward to it.

This is a friendly reminder to sign-up for the Team Oppo iRacing Miata Challenge at Lime Rock Park which takes place this Sunday April 23rd. Sign ups are now open to everyone, so get your spot now before the race fills up.

Please note that practice and qualifying are optional. However, if you reserved a slot in the race, please be in the room by qualifying (1230pm EDT). At 1230, all remaining spots will be opened to standby drivers. You can join after 1230, but you are not guaranteed in the race.

CLICK HERE for more detailed event information. Below is a Reader’s Digest version:

Date: Sunday April 23rd

Race Starts: 1PM EDT

Race Length: 90 minutes

Fixed Setup and Fuel Restricted

There are no prerequisites to race and all content is included with the base iRacing subscription.

Click the link below to fill out your registration. We will see you on track.

*Do me a solid, since the form is open to all iRacers now, if you are on Opponaut or DB driver put [oppo] after your name. I asked people to put in nicknames for the post race write-up, so I want to keep oppos straight from the others.

Many communications for the race will take place via iRacing PM, please make sure you know how to access that and receive notifications.


[Rule Change Announcement - 4/21/16] A decent number of people have signed up for the race. It may not yet be 60, but it is more than 10. After going through the entrants and doing some testing I am announcing 3 things regarding the race.

  1. After analyzing the iRatings, I am splitting the field into 2 classes (Pro and Am). The Pro class will feature those of higher iR and the AM with lower. There is a significant disparity in ratings and I want drivers to actually feel like they are racing for something. The official split will be determined race morning (for example Pro = >2000 iR, AM = <2000 iR). Please note that because we are all driving the same car, I cannot split the fields officially in iR.
  2. We should have a booth admin. One of my friends volunteered to be a booth admin for us if he is available. He will be responsible for throwing cautions and doing wave-bys under yellow. However, he might not be available to help until around 1:30PM so there will be a change in officiating mid-race.
  3. Wave-byes: Because we will have a booth admin. I am giving all cars 1 or more laps down 1 lap back during the yellow. These way arounds will be assessed once the leaders have the chance to get to pit road. In other words, once the pacecar passes pit exit on the first go around pit road is open. For this, we ask all wave byes pass to the RIGHT of the field. All cars not receiving a wave by must stay to the LEFT. *Note: This means the automated Lucky Dog will be turned off.