Feedback Request (4/6/17): Race Length 1.5 or 2 Hours? Also I am thinking about creating 2 classes (Pro and Am) set by iRatings, let me know your thoughts and the numbers. I contemplated putting the Ams in the 2015 Miata, but that just complicated things.

The race will be on Sunday April 23rd. I am posting a formal event announcement tomorrow.

How about it, an actual (virtual) race... Feel free to give feedback on dates or any details you would like included.

*Please note: This is a potential event discussion and not an actual event. Once I receive feedback and settle on the details, I will create a formal announcement.

Photo Credit: YouTube

I am planning on hosting an event for all Team Opponauts and anyone on iRacing interested. Here are the event details.

Race Date: April 22nd (Sat)or 23rd (Sun), 2017, ~2PM EST race start time.

Track: Lime Rock Park - Full Circuit

Car: Global Mazda Miata Cup - 2016

Field Size: 62, for maximum fun

Practice (optional): 90 mins

Qualifying (optional, but must join before end): 30 mins, open qual

Race Duration: 1.5 - 2 Hours

Setups: Fixed (baseline.sto)

Fuel: 25% capacity (about 3-4 stops)

I decided this combo because all of the content is included with the base subscription so no one will have issues joining. Plus I rarely see the base content being used for longer races.

I am looking for feedback in the following areas

  • Race Date/Time

- Note: That the 24H of the Nurburgring is from 8AM EST Sat 4/22 to 8AM Sun 4/23

  • Race Length
  • Come up with a clever name for the event
  • Any other details

Feel free to discuss below. I hope to make a formal announcement for the event late next week.