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The second round of the 2018 Oppositelock Miata Championship takes us to West Virginia’s Summit Point Raceway. This preview will consist of some information about the track, race admin notes (rule changes, caution areas, etc.), and a few tips and tricks to make sure you have a good race.



Race Times

  • Race Start: 9:15PM EST, Wednesday, December 5th
  • Race Duration: 1 Hour (plan around 10:30PM EST)
  • Practice: 8:15PM EST to 9:05PM EST, 50 minutes
  • Qualifying: 9:05PM EST to 9:15PM EST, 10 minutes
  • Format: Open Qualifying

Rule Change

Start Time

  • The entire event has been moved 15 minutes later (9:15PM EST). Last week we learned that our race start time conflicted with many leagues ( a lot of them started at 9PM EST). I decided to move the event time to separate ourselves and gain more exposure on the iRacing hosted page.

Caution Areas

There are 0 caution areas in this event. A yellow flag will only be displayed for the following...

  1. Any incident of several cars consisting a large percentage of the field
  2. Any incident that blocks the track or cause major hindrance to race traffic.

Yellow flags will not be displayed unless there are multiple reports of a severe incident. Yellow flags will not be thrown for single car off-track incidents. All yellow flags are displayed at the discretion of the race admin.



Summit Point is one of the most commonly used tracks for beginner series on iRacing. Its slow speeds and tight corners really challenge driver technique. All gains during the high speed section of the course can be lost in the technical turns; likewise, any gain made in the tight carousel section can be nullified if you do not exit the penultimate corner properly. Watch the lap preview video below.

If you want to see how a professional does it: Click here.

Summit Point is a fairly difficult track. Constantly shifting from one side of the track to the other to set up for the next corner makes passing challenging. Mastering the tight carousel area is paramount as that is where drivers can make up the most time. The area I have the most difficulty with is exiting the carousel and around the right hand sweeper to set up for the front straight. In contrast to the slow technical portion, the higher speed straightaways are met with corners that unbalance the car and a mental slip can lead you to a tank slapper and end up in the grass.


Patience will be the key for this race. If we have a full field, track real estate will be a premium. You will gain far more positions from those who spin out than cars you will pass. The low speed nature of much of the track facilitates two things 1) Drivers will be much more aggressive on corner entry. Dive bombing will be common, whether intentional or not. 2) The lower speeds mean that contact between cars will be more common. The tight corners and constant shifting of weight means that the cars will be quite unstable and self-spins will be likely. Be sure you are paying attention to your escape routes should they become necessary.

One way to eliminate the need to pass cars is to qualify up front. With up to 54 cars in the field, shortening the distance between you and the pole winner is a necessity if you want a chance for the podium bonus points. Pole time is expected to be in the low 1:20 range. This is achieved through optimal car placement on track and managing your throttle and braking through the technical portion. One slip of the wheels and your perfect lap is gone.


Don’t worry if you cannot set a time close to the top. With the length of the race, tight quarters, and the large field expected, it is highly unlikely those lap times will be consistent. Traffic management will be key in this race. I have found that in road racing if you are within 3 seconds of the fast guys, you will be okay. You may not win the race, but chances of finishing in the top half of the field is very high. The points are designed so that if you run consistently well, you have just as much of a title shot as the ones who “win or crash.”

We are excited to host and hope to have a large turnout. Find us in the hosted section on Wednesday Night.


Also if you have iRacing and want to join Team Oppositelock, find us in the Teams section. All Team Oppositelock members are granted admin rights for all Team Oppo events (unless all you do is shitpost).

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