I Want To Host Another Team Oppo Event [Update: 6/5]

UPDATE 6/5: I have done some testing with cars and here are some potential event ideas. They are listed as “Track (config)- Car(s) - Race Duration”

  • Okayama (Full) - Dallara IR-05 (old Indycar) - 1 Hour
  • Daytona 2007 (Road) - CTSV & Corvette Z06 - 1 Hour
  • USA (Dirt Oval) - Dirt Street Stock - 30 min to 1 Hour (need to work on logistics for that)
  • Daytona 2007 (Moto) - 2015 Miata- 1 Hour
  • Oxford Plains (Oval) - Truck 2013 - 1 Hour
  • Daytona 2007 (Oval) - COT (unrestricted) - 1 Hour

Feel free to critique or submit your own event ideas.

Old Post:

It has been a while since Team Oppo hosted the Oppo Miata Challenge, I would like to host another event. However, I am not sure what car(s) and where.


My only requests are that we keep the cars limited to at least one free car at a free track. Until we build up some dedicated racers, I think staying with the free content is the way to go. Below are a list of the free cars and tracks you can choose from.

Please note a few things when selecting cars and tracks:

1. Centripetal Circuit is a testing stage and does not support actual racing, so it cannot be chosen


2. Charlotte, Phoenix, and Daytona also have road course configurations.

3. The 2012 COT Impala is unrestricted at Daytona

4. I strongly advise against picking a dirt track and a non-dirt car. It doesn’t work that well


A few other points

  • I have no preference whether the event is road or oval.
  • I would like to keep the race to an hour maximum. This allows us to host it on a weeknight if that is better for everyone (and in the summer months, it might be better to have it on a weeknight).
  • I also am going to keep it fixed setup so that there is no fussing with it and we can just race.
  • One thing I learned from the Oppo Miata Challenge is that holding pre-race sign ups without significant planning and commitment does not end well. It will be better to hold a public room first come first serve. This guarantees the event will go off, and that there will be a decent number of cars. Therefore, a massive balanced multi-class race is probably not doable. If you suggest multi-class I would say no more than 2 or 3 cars. Here is a list of all cars available. 

I am interested to hear some of your ideas.

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