It's Almost Time for the Greatest Spectacle in Sim Racing

The month of May is upon us, and joining the traditional activities of Indy: the GP, Pole Day, and Carb Day is the iRacing Indianapolis 500. This is the opportunity for sim racers all over the world to compete in the greatest spectacle of “sim” racing because we are too poor and untalented to compete in the real thing. Only 1 of your 33 competitors will triumph and promptly run to their fridge and chug a gallon of milk.

Everything has been going well so far. Practice has been good (need more laps in traffic though). The setup I have hobbled together is adequate. In the race, though, it is not how fast you can go, but being there at the end. Qualified the car last night with a respectable time only covering up all the orifices on both the car and driver. I am certainly not quick enough to get into the highest split race, but it should be good enough to get in with a competitive group of cars.


I have had the pleasure of chugging the milk before, and hope to do it again. I need my calcium. Wish us luck! If anyone else out in Oppoland is racing this weekend, best of luck and have fun!

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