Team Oppo Completes Disappointing NASCAR iRacing Pro Series Campaign

Tuesday, Team Oppo rolled into Daytona to finish the NASCAR iRacing Pro Series (NiPS). 10 weeks ago, the team truck entered the gates of Texas hoping to establish itself within the potential Pro field. The season started great with a stunning 4th place finish...

Unfortunately, that was the highlight to the season and the remainder quickly turned downhill. A crash a Phoenix offset the great Texas run, but the team rebounded with finishes in the Top 20 the next two weeks. Week 5 at Atlanta, the race started really well. The car was very strong and picking through the field on its way to the Top 10. That optimism was quickly dashed as an internet issue relegated us from competing, to merely finishing.


I wanted to write a weekly update on my Pro progress; however, life got in the way, so I thought about bi-weekly or just a status update. After Atlanta, though, it was week after week of issues that kept Team Oppo on pit road more than the track, it just wasn’t all that fun or interesting. The internet issues persisted for 4 weeks and finally resolved at Dover; however, just after the beginning of that race, my graphics card began to fail. Unfortunately during the resolution of the internet issues, my graphics settings got messed up and caused the game to crash from 80 FPS to 19 FPS.

For the final week of the season at Daytona, I just wanted to have an uneventful race. I didn’t even bother with a setup, I just wanted to get in and finish well. As the pictures suggest, that didn’t happen. A large incident (which for some reason did not bring out a yellow) got us damage that pretty much eliminated our chances.

Even though the end result was poor, I am happy that it was a racing accident and not a graphics card or internet failure.


Below, you will see our results of the 2017 NASCAR iRacing Pro Series


Week 1 - Texas - 4th

Week 2 -Phoenix -26th - Crash

Week 3 - Homestead - 13th

Week 4 - California - 17th

Week 5 - Atlanta - 25th - Internet Issues

Week 6 - Darlington - 30th - DQ (internet + too many stripes)

Week 7 - Sonoma - 35th - DQ (Turning right is hard - I am dumb)

Week 8 - Richmond - 32nd - Internet Issues

Week 9 - Dover - 27th - Graphics Card Crash

Week 10 - Daytona - 23rd - Crash


Even with all of the issues, I finished 94th of the 564 drivers that competed in the season. The goal at the beginning of the season was to finish Top 100, and I accomplished that. However, I still walk away disappointed. Granted, 40% of the season’s results were not directly related to my lack of driving talent, it just stinks leaving more on the table. If I could have run consistently well, even mid-pack, I probably could have finished in the Top 75 or Top 60. But, sometimes, it just doesn’t go your way.

However, I want to end this on a positive note. For the first time in my ‘iRacing career’ I got to compete for a Peak Anitfreeze license. Even though I had little to no chance of winning, I was privileged enough to compete in the 3rd or 2nd split (which I honestly should not have been in).


And I can also tout that I am in the Top 150 of NASCAR sim iRacers in the world! [134 to be exact :)].

[Post-draft EDIT: Rereading this post, saying you had a dumpster fire of a season and still finish Top 100, isn’t all that bad...]


That being said, iRacing announced a new Pro Series format for 2018, and Jalopnik hinted at a newer one for the future. I have no plans to compete for a Peak license, but I do plan to have fun.

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