Team Oppo Throws Back for Darlington

Each year for the Southern 500, many NASCAR teams create a throwback livery. iRacing is no different. This week many iRacers as part of the NASCAR iRacing Series create paint schemes throwing back to racecars of the past.

This year, Team Oppo honors one of the premiere names in the sport, Dale Earnhardt Jr. He will be retiring at the end of the year and whether you like him or hate him you cannot deny the impact he had on NASCAR.


This design is inspired by Dale’s scheme from the 2000 NASCAR season, his first full time season in Cup. Altered to reflect Oppositelock’s Wholly Unoriginal color scheme, this car will look great in the field of rides from the past.

Hopefully the race goes well and the car comes back in a similar shape to when it left

Here is what the right side of the car looks like before it meets the Lady in Black.

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