Team Oppo Throws Back to Neil Bonnett for Darlington

This week NASCAR is embracing throwbacks to racing liveries of the past. The virtual side of racing (the NASCAR iRacing Series [NiS]) also participates. This year, Team Oppo throws back to 1994 and Neil Bonnett’s #51 Country Time Chevrolet.


Unfortunately for race fans in 1994, they only got to see Neil pilot the bright pink and yellow #51 for Daytona 500 practice before a mechanical failure resulted in the car crashing hard into the wall. The hit would be fatal.

25 years later, Neil is remembered for his charisma and down to earth attitude. He was a popular sight on NASCAR television broadcasts as well as in the garage area. He is most known for his Winners documentary which interviewed various drivers during the late 1980s and early 1990s. He also had a mean sweater game.

Neil loved racing and would not be any happier than when he was behind the wheel of a race car. A series of significant injuries hampered much of his driving career. Each iteration of returning to the track from recovery made racing much more hazardous for him. In 1994, to the joy of fans, he gave racing one more go. With a part time schedule in 1994, Neil looked forward to returning to racing glory. Unfortunately it was not to be.

If you want to learn more, check out this video.

It is always fun to see the fields during these throwback races. People honor cars, teams, and drivers of the past that are significant to them. It is always fun to see what people come up with and why they come up with them.


To close a short NiS update. I have not written too much about my 2019 NASCAR iRacing Series so far because frankly, not much has happened. It has been a tough road with several crashes resulting in less than stellar finishes. Maybe a brighter paint scheme will result in brighter finishes?

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