Update (3/8/17): Unfortunately due to some last minute personal commitments, Team Oppo has decided to sit out from the 12 Hours of Sebring.

The iRacing Sebring 12 Hour race is only 10 6 days away. This post will serve as the final call for driver sign ups. If you are interested in driving please sign up by Tonight Monday March 6.

The Sebring 12 hours is the second race of iRacing’s endurance calendar. We will be racing our Team Oppo Audi GT3. The race session starts are 8AM EST and will conclude at ~8:30 PM EST. The details and schedule for the race are as follows

License Minimum: Class C or Class D with SR >4.0 (Road License)

Required Content: Sebring and Audi R8 GT3


8AM: Teams registered and sessions started. Drivers/Teams begin entering room. Warmup Session begins.

~8:30: Green Flag.

Update (3/6/17): We officially have 2 drivers signed up (Ncasolowork2 (or 3) and tingra). We are looking for at least 1 more with a flexible schedule. We could use someone with availability Saturday morning and most of Saturday afternoon. Ncasolowork2 has volunteered to handle stint planning and strategy (he is a very experienced road racer). The three of us will work on getting our seeding set so that we are in a competitive split for our more amateur drivers.


I think we will need at least 3 to 4 drivers for the race. This puts the minimum commitment time to 1 hour per iRacing rules. Individual driving stints will be a minimum of one fuel run. I will not ask drivers to be in the car for more than 2 stints, unless they want to. I found that being in the car for over too hours per stint could be a bit tiresome.

For those wondering many of our drivers are near the 1500 to 1800 iRating range. We will not be competing in the top split of this race; however, that does not mean we will have easy competition. We are doing this for fun and our goal is to make it to the 12 hour mark.

If you are interested in driving please fill out the sign up sheet.



Again please fill out the form by Monday March 6th. If we can get commitments for all of the time slots, we will race. Otherwise, we will have to sit out this event.

*Note, if you are officially signed up for Team Oppo (are on the official iRacing team) be aware that I am sending Team Oppo communications through iRacing PMs. Be sure to check your inbox notification. If you are not receiving them, let me know.