Last year, Team Oppo hosted a road race event where we tried to fill all of the pit stalls at Lime Rock Park. Nearly 30 drivers showed up for our first event, The Team Oppo Miata Challenge. It was a great success producing good head-to-head racing while a fuel restriction enabled some long race strategy. With the fun and success of the race, I am thinking of hosting a short championship series during the NASCAR Offseason.

Edit: Sharing again because I forgot to post to Digital Burnouts.

The goal of this series is to be fun and competitive for anyone who wishes to come out. It will use spec-Miatas fixed to the baseline setup so that all you need to do is get in the car, familiarize yourself with the track, and race!

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Here are the details (WIP):

  • Time: 9PM EST, 5PM PST, Day: TBD (thinking Tues, Wed, or, Thurs)
  • Dates: ~November 28 until ~Feb 14.
  • Race Lengths: 1 Hour
  • Car: 2016 Miata Cup car
  • Setup: Fixed; iRacing baseline
  • Field Size: up to 60 cars per race (or pit road capacity)
  • Fuel Restricted to 40 minutes to force at least 1 pit stop
  • No password or signups, just show up and race - everyone is allowed to participate.


The 10-week schedule will be split into a free content/paid content sections. The series is designed so that anyone on iRacing can compete for a championship, which appeals to both casual and more dedicated road racers.


Section 1: The Nice Price Trophy - This “trophy” goes to the driver that scores the most points in the first 5 races of the season. These races take place on included content and require no extra purchase.

Section 2: The Oppositelock Gold Crown - This “crown” goes to the driver that scores the most points during the last 5 races. These events take place on courses where purchase is required.


Section 3: Grand Champion - This “championship” goes to the driver with the highest point total for all 10 races.

*championships in quotes because I have no actual prizes. Also if you have any other suggestions for names, go ahead and submit them.


Proposed Schedule

  1. Lime Rock Park - Full
  2. Summit Point - Full Course
  3. Mazda Laguna Seca
  4. Okayama - Full
  5. Daytona (2007) - Moto Config

——————^ Included Tracks ^———————-

  1. Bathurst
  2. Sonoma - Cup Config
  3. Road America
  4. Watkins Glen - Classic
  5. Spa - Endurance Config

Each race week will last 2 hours with 1 hour for practice and qualifying starting at 8PM EST and a 1 hour race starting at 9PM EST.


Let me know what you think. I am willing to host if there is enough interest.

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