Greetings sim racing Oppos, this is the official announcement of the Oppositelock Miata Championship, an 8 race, 2-part championship that showcases the answer to everything on a variety of tracks on the iRacing service.

Here are the basic facts of the series:

  • Race Length: 1 hour, starting at 9PM EST.
  • Practice and qualifying will start 1 hour before the race (8PM EST).
  • Cars per race: 60 (or track max), no reserve, first come first serve.
  • Setups: Fixed - no need to set up the car, just come and race.
  • Fuel: Fuel will be restricted to ~40 minutes prompting at least 1 pit stop.
  • Each driver will have 2 cars per race. If you total your car, go back to the pits and get a new one.

For more detailed rules please see the official rules document.

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The Schedule is below. The series will start the week after Thanksgiving (11/28) and run through February 5th with a 3 week break for Christmas and New Years (between segments 1 and 2). The Oppositelock Miata Championship will be divided into 2 segments with championships awarded to each segment point leader and an overall champion.

  • The first 4 races comprise the Nice Price Trophy and occur on tracks included with the base iRacing subscription
  • The last 4 races comprise the Oppositelock Gold Crown and occurs on tracks that must be purchased in addition to the base subscription.
  • The points leader at the end of both segments will be donned Grand Champion


Points are by position with bonuses for podium finishers, laps lead, and pole winner. See the rules for a full breakdown of the points.


Finally, all races will have a preview post featuring tips, tricks, a basic strategy outlook, and any race admin notes (rule changes, caution areas, etc.). Races will also feature post race write-ups (using pseudonyms of course).*

*I cannot guarantee timeliness of said write-up. At minimum Admin notes will be disclosed in the drivers meeting before the race.


Come down and race. There are no formal sign-ups, just show up and get on track. If you want to become a member of Team Oppo, find us on the iRacing Teams Page.

If you have any comments or ideas, leave them below. I have yet to post this on the iRacing forums for recruitment, but will sometime tonight or tomorrow.

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