So you want to be virtual Lewis Hamilton? Well you have a long road ahead. Luckily, iRacing offers a plethora of open wheel road series to play with.

Class D

The most logical choice for this license level is the Skip Barber F2000. This is one of the most popular road series on iRacing. This open wheel series visits all types of road courses from Summit Pointe to COTA. Racing is usually very intense and the competition is good, especially in higher splits. Sometimes, they may offer a Skip Barber Racing School Scholarship for winning the season.

Class C

Similar to the Road to Indy, the next step is the Star Mazda (known as Pro Mazda now). This series is not as popular as the Skip Barber, but being able to handle the increase in power is crucial to wrapping yourself around the Formula 1 car. This series goes to all sorts of road course (and an oval for grins and giggles).


There is also a series with the Lotus 49. Though it is not what you would expect with the F1 car, it essentially simulates 1950’s F1 which is fun. This series has a very small and dedicated community which usually hosts 1 race per week.


Class B

This is an interesting point in your racing ladder because there really is no modern F1 centered car. There is an Indy Road series (which is unknown if it will remain) and a series with the Lotus 79. I believe that the Indycar would be a better option as it will get you used to the fancy electronics and the intricacies of setting up a highly electronic car. If the Indy Road series is no more, than the Lotus 79 is really your only option. The Lotus 79 has a great dedicated community. Races are competitive and the people are excellent.



Class A

You have made it to F1, well casual F1. To many, this is the end of the road. This series is dedicated and competitive. Surprisingly, it is rather underpopulated compared to other road series. This is better for you. If you become good with the Formula 1 car, there is a very good chance you could qualify for the World Championship. Finish in the Top 15 in overall points in Seasons 1 and 2, and you have punched your ticket to the Pro Series. For complete rules regarding the iRacing World Grand Prix click here.



Note: This is not the World Championship

The pro series is determined by taking the Top 15 from the first two seasons of Class A racing plus the bottom 25 from the World Championship. Finish in the Top 25 of the Road to Pro and you are in the World Championship.


World Championship

Though it is a bit easier to get in versus the Oval World Championship, that does not make the competition easier. Most of these drivers have seemingly super human (or robotic) abilities (Google Greger Huttu). This series requires extensive knowledge of the F1 car and each road course. Execution must be perfect as one screw up could cost several seconds. You will also be competing against teams that pour extensive effort into their setups and race prep. Just being able to run competitively here will put you on the map of being a great sim racers.


*Images from and Inex Racing

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