So you want to be the next virtual Shane Van Ginsburgern? Lucky for you, the road is not that long. However, you will need to get use to racing on Austrailian time. If you don’t want to adjust your life to those down under, there are a couple of American series out there.

The top tier of the V8 supercar series is very simple. It is simply the top split of a specified time slot of the official iRacing V8 Supercar Series. If you can make the top split at that time, you are in the pro V8 Supercar Series.


For Rookies, I would go through the Mazda Cup. It will get you sports car driving experience. There will be many participants at all hours.

Class D

Stepping out of Rookies, you enter the Class D series. Here there are many options on the road side. I believe that your best choice is the Cadillac CTS-V racer. It is a high horsepower monster that is somewhat similar to the V8 Supercar (except that the steering wheel is on the left side). Also it is a base subscription car so you won’t have to spend any more money. If the Cadillac is too much of a handful, or you are looking for something with a little less power, then go for the Mustang. It is V8, RWD, and less powerful than the CTS-V. However, I feel the CTS-V will prepare you better.


Once you feel comfortable with the CTS-V, move on to Class C

Class C

Good news, you are here. The V8 Supercars is a C Class level racing series. However, this is only the beginning. In order to get into the official V8 Supercars race, you have to get your iRating up. This is done through competing in races and beating your competition. Like with any professional racing series, you have to earn your way to get there. The World Championship is the Top Split of the V8 supercar series. Each season the series top drivers discuss which day of the week and time work best for them and they all race at that time. If you can get yourself into the top split in that race, you are in the World Championship, congratulations.


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